Our Exterior Siding Services

Maintain a strong and stylish home exterior by investing in quality siding installed by our team at Sonntag Roofing. From top to bottom and all around, we'll make sure your home stands out in the neighborhood without compromising on the strength and durability it needs to also protect your home.

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Front view of a mid-class home with new black shingle and white vinyl siding installed by Sonntag Roofing
  • house_siding Siding Installations

    We carry a wide range of siding colors and styles to choose from, so you can give your home that beautiful, head-turning look of your dreams.

  • house_siding Siding Replacements

    Just like a roof, over time your siding can also start to show signs of deteriorating. Not to worry though, as Sonntag Roofing will gladly replace your siding with the existing style, or a completely new style.

  • house_siding Siding Repairs

    Always call Sonntag Roofing to repair your siding, as any type of damage can invite harmful debris and pests into your home.

Top Brands From Top Manufacturers

We only use the best products from the most trusted brands available on the market. Browse through their catalogs below, and find that perfect look for your home today!

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