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We guarantee that your gutters will last for years to come, without constant blockages or the need for large repairs. We take great pride in our work, and when it comes to residential and commercial seamless gutters, we are the gutter contractor you can trust. Explore our services to learn more about what can do for you.

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Affordable Protection for Your Home

Reduce Maintenance and Repair Cost with Seamless Gutters

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Using quality manufacturers of rain protection systems, we create and install seamless gutters to fit your exact home style and measurements. No need for long waits and custom orders to get the perfect match. Clogged gutters can cause your system to fail, resulting in damage to your home. But cleaning them can be a dangerous and time-consuming chore. Count on us for safe, professional cleaning and repair.

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Maintaining your gutters greatly reduces the chances the system will fail when you need it most. Dont let problems with your gutters lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Contact Sonntag Roofing for effective, expert gutter repair solutions.

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Gutter guards protect the gutter system from damage, debris, and rust making your gutters last longer. Sonntag Roofing recommends and installs a range of gutter guards. Your choice of make and model will depend on factors such as the pitch of your roof.

Popular Gutter Types


K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters have a flat bottom on the back for enhanced installation and aesthetics. The front is gracefully curved to imitate crown molding. When viewed from the side, the K-Style gutter is a mix of straight and angular lines that mildly resemble the letter K. They are also known as OGEE gutters, which means double curve.

Builders tend to choose K-Style guttering because its profile blends well with modern architectural trends. Homeowners select this type for its many advantages, such as strength and excellent water flow. Due to its popularity, most manufacturers standardized their equipment to produce the K-Style gutter.

Schedule a free consultation estimate with for valuable recommendations and a competitive bid on seamless metal gutters of copper, aluminum, or galvalume in 5" or 6" K-style gutters

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Gutter Color Visualizer

image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4 image 5 image 6 image 7 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8 image 8
Forest Green
Tuxedo Grey
Trad. Blue
Scotch Red
Royal Brown
Pearl Grey
Musket Brown
Dove Grey
Colonial Grey
Cocoa Brown
Antique Ivory

Gutter Protection


From installing a new gutter system to replacing the old one, the experts at Sonntag Roofing know how to get the job done correctly. We always provide top-quality gutter protection services using LeafX and Leaf Exterminator guards. This ensures that you will be 100% satisfied with your gutter system needs.

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Our Recommended Gutter Protection

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The Leaf Sentry Guarantee: "When properly installed, you will never have a gutter or downspout clog againEVER! Were so confident, we guarantee your gutters will remain clog-free for their lifetime."

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The LeafX Clean Gutter System is a gutter cover that is designed to keep debris out, and keep you off the ladder. The LeafX gutter protection system fits easily over your homes existing gutters, and is tested to withstand the heaviest rainfalls. Our LeafX gutter guards come with a lifetime, fully transferable, Clog-Free Guarantee.

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Leaf Exterminator is designed to allow water to flow freely while debris is lifted away from gutters with a gentle breeze. Leaf Exterminator mounts directly to the gutter to keep the guard securely in place, and to eliminate the need to disturb the shingles for installation. Leaf Exterminator is virtually invisible from the ground.

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